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Thermography in Marine Mammals VeroHMcC 7/8/2005
I trying to detect the circulatory system in dolphins using IR Image. Does anybody have information on the use of infrared cameras in marine mammals?
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals IRJay 7/8/2005
There has been some work done on Manatees in Florida for stress and circulation. I will review my records and find some contact info for you.
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals VeroHMcC 7/9/2005
Thank you IRJay, I need this information urgently!!, I found one study in seals from Germany but I need more references.
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals flir1 7/11/2005
I have done some work with several organizations in Florida looking at dolphins and manatee. I have included a picture in this message. I both cases we used a P series camera. If you need further information please contact me at my office. Toll free # 866-837-3238
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals Gary Orlove 7/11/2005
Here are a couple of articles that might be of itnerest.

Thermoregulation in Steller sea lions: an experimental approach.
The exchange of heat between a homeothermic animal's body and it's environment can be expressed in terms of heat flow, also called heat flux, typically stated in units of energy transferred per surface area (W m^-2).


Thermal windows on the trunk of hauled-out seals: hot spots for thermoregulatory evaporation?

The relationship between heat flow and vasculature in the dorsal fin of wild bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals VeroHMcC 7/14/2005
I´m sorry, I wrote two times and the message didn´t appear. Thank you John (flir1) for your info, but my problem is that I´m in Colombia and the phone calls here are very expensive. I´m very interest in your info and I would like to kwnow if it is possible that you send me the information via e-mail (

Thank you very much.

Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals JKEngineer 7/15/2005
Veronica - and others -

In terms of the cost of a phone call: if you use Skype you can call over the internet for free to another Skype customer or for very low rates to a non-skype customer using SkypeOut. The SkypeOut rates are based on the destination, not the originating location. For calls to the US it is less than 2.5 cents/minute. Here is a link with more info. (I have not relationship with Skype other than I have tried it.)

Jack M. Kleinfeld, P.E.
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
Infrared Thermography, Finite Element Analysis, Process Engineering

Bronx, NY 10463

866-884-6644 toll free
212-214-0919 fax and voice mail or
come see what we can do for you:
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals FSI-BOS BDM 8/3/2005
You might try contacing Mike Walsh, DVM at Seaworld in Orlando. You can tell him you were referred to him by his friends at FLIR.
Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals geologist 8/4/2005
Call Jack Allinson, owner of J.N. Allinson Associates in Jacksonville, FL. His telephone is 904-721-2177; e-mail is

Jack is an accomplished marine biologist and marine architect who has thermographed breaching white sharks off Seal Island, south of South Africa. His paper appears in the InfraMation 2004 Proceedings. Tell him Len Phillips suggested you call.

Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals VeroHMcC 8/19/2005
Thank you for your info. I will try to communicate with the suggested people.


Re:Thermography in Marine Mammals adrian 10/17/2005
I am a chinese and very interested in application of Infrared Technology.

If you have many new application in some field,please tell me. My email is .

Thank you.

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