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Price-smashing thermal imager...any good? heatmover 7/14/2005
I've seen some hype on the IRI1011 thermal imager made by IRISYS (in the UK); actually, I saw one still for sale on eBay for $2,200 (I don't think that it comes with a PalmPC). THe same unit is also being sold with the Palmer-Wahl name for a grand more. Being somewhat limited in funds, but really, REALLY dying to get out of industrial water treatment and into thermography, I was wondering if this unit--with it's otherwise paltry 256-pixel detector--would be a good training tool? Also, has anyone taken the on-line certification courses offered by Infraspection institute? If so, was it a fulfilling experience?
Re:Price-smashing thermal imager...any good? ron lucier 7/14/2005
You get what you pay for. 256 pixels is a dreadful image and while I understand your eagerness and limited funds, in my opinion you'll be better off buy a higher performance camera. Prices are always coming down.

Be very careful about buying cameras on e-bay. Check with the manufacturer to see if the unit is stolen.

As I am an employee of FLIR Systems Infrared Training Center, I'll keep my comments about the Infraspection Institute to myself.

Best Regards,

Ron Lucier
Re:Price-smashing thermal imager...any good? heatmover 7/14/2005
There may be something I need to me at

I may be a novice, but I think I'd be much better with over 70K pixels; I highly doubt that the IRISYS (or Palmerwahl) unit I saw on eBay was stolen but, yes, I would be rather suspicious of any high-end FLIR or rough equivalent showing up on eBay.

Anyway, thanks gor the caveat--I didn't really want the above unit but needed a second opinion. Though I don't think I can actually BUY a FLIR right now, maybe there's yet a rental promo going on that I can better handle!
Re:Price-smashing thermal imager...any good? James Seffrin 7/18/2005
As a point of clarification Infraspection Institute does not offer "on-line certification".

Rather, we host a number of narrated thermography courses via state-of-the-art web servers. These include, but are not limited to, Level I Thermography, Certification Prep and several applications courses. Our Distance Learning course content is based upon our Level I, II and III Cerified Infrared Thermographer courses and satisfies the training requirements for NDT personnel as outlined in the American Society for Nondestructive testing document, SNT-TC-1A.

Students successfully completing 32 hours of Distance Learning are elegible to take our Certified Infrared Thermographer exam at our annual conference, IR/INFO or by appointment with an authorized Infraspection representative.

For more information or references, call us at 609-239-4788. For online registration, please visit:

We hope this information is helpful and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Jim Seffrin, Director
Infraspection Institute
425 Ellis Street
Burlington, NJ 08016
Tel 609-239-4788
Fax 609-239-4766
Re:Price-smashing thermal imager...any good? heatmover 7/19/2005
Yes, sorry about the Freudian slip--I already knew that the "certification" part couldn't be done at a distance!

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