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Underground Water Leaks TheoK 7/14/2005
I need to reply to a water utility wttttter they can locate water leaks n underground pipes about 60cm diameter and 1 meter deep. There is a research report from a Canadian research counsil but does not say much.
Has anyone used beforeor know of any actual applications?
Thank you
Re:Underground Water Leaks Mark G 8/3/2005
I have seen the use of IR to locate the general area of a leak and then use Ultrasound to pinpoint the actual leak site. If the leak has had fluid escaping for a length of time the temperature signature will be rather broad, but the turbulence from the leak will allow ultrasound to pinpoint the leak location.
Re:Underground Water Leaks Falcon 8/3/2005
Wet areas will thermally load at a different rate than dry areas. Infrared from the air or at an elevated position on a cool windless night for best results.
Re:Underground Water Leaks Milt 8/4/2005
We were called to see if we could determine why there was a flow rate delta between the head of an 18" underground water line (about 2.5' deep) and the connection to a 36" drain about 100 yards away. The water temperatures fluxuated with the process, but basically ambient temp for the most part. The 18" line was under an asphalt roadway with prints from the 40's, 50's and 60's revealing that there were only 3 connections to the 18" pipe. Dyes and remote camera were used with no results that you could hang your hat on. We tried the IR camera from atop of a building along the roadway and found nothing significant. We even tried different times of day with no good results. I returned the next day to recommend placing a hose with 250# steam at the head and allow to flow for 24 hours. I returned atop the building and found not only were there 3 connections, but 4 more connections and an 18" wye had been installed during a building expansion project to change the direction of the piping. The wye was under a loading dock and had collapsed allowing water to begin undermining the building. Needless to say, prints were updated, the wye was repaired, and everyone was relieved that the problem had been found.
Re:Underground Water Leaks paulpartin 9/8/2005
Good job! How much do you think you saved your company by doing this and I guess not excavating or something else more drastic, not to mention saving the building? Paul

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