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Transformer Bay neatster77 7/14/2005
Here's an image of a 115 kV disconnect and lightning arrestor. Load was 195 Amps. A-phase is the box on the far right. There are transformers on either side of the wall and the wall is square with the powerhouse.

A-phase seems to be about 10 deg F higher than C-phase and 8 deg F higher than B-phase. Do you think this delta T is caused by a bad connection or is the layout of the transformer bay making everything on the right side of the image hotter than the left side?
Re:Transformer Bay IRJay 7/14/2005
If the transformer was causing the warming then all the components would be warmer not just the connection. Assume the connection is failing. Micro-ohm it when able to compare and verify.
Re:Transformer Bay Laland 7/31/2005
Suggest you take another location in taking image. Also try taking image in every disconnect and compare each reading
Re:Transformer Bay Falcon 8/3/2005
This transformer has a slight phase imbalance. You say the load was 195 amps. On which phase? Three phase transformers rarley carry identical loads on each phase. The minor temperature difference is due to the different amount of current each phase is carrying. In my opinion there is nothing to be alarmed about on this particular transformer.

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