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Thermography and water treatment heatmover 7/14/2005
OK! I suspect that there are some readers out there whove done thermal profiling of chillers, cooling towers, various heat exchangers and such. Would you have any images to share?

I wrote yesterday that I was "dying" to get out of water treatment. However, I may be able to sell my current employer on a bit of diversification. After all, he does also own an eddy current inspection company BUT, if I can convince him that thermography can put his company in a uniquely competitive posture, perhaps he will also send ME to a good IR training school AND buy a thermal imager (I know, I know--he'll have to hire at least a level II thermographer to mentor me). If life keeps handing me lemons, maybe I need to start making some lemonade, so to speak!

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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