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Stable fly breeding grounds heatmover 7/16/2005
Last summer, I started a compost heap for gardening purposes. Later on, I noticed quite an infestation of stable flies in an otherwise suburban environment.

I went on the Kansas State University entomolgy website, and discovered that stable flies like to lay eggs in piles of hay...and compost! Well, I didn't want to tell my neighbors who ws to blame but, just now I thought:

Could thermography predict which pile of organics would provide a favorable breeding ground, and could it warn of maximum sizes of compost heaps to (hopefully) prevent stable flies from moving in?

Re:Stable fly breeding grounds BWC 8/11/2005
I imagine, the reason for the flies is that the compost was probably to cool (here is the SW) is normall too little water that causes this. Thermography would show the cooler areas.

Bill Clifton

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