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Reporter 7 & 470 FIles TDLIR 7/16/2005
Does Reporter 7 work with the 470 series file format?


Sonny James
Re:Reporter 7 & 470 FIles Raphael Danjoux 7/18/2005
Unfortunately, the answer is no.
Re:Reporter 7 & 470 FIles TDLIR 7/18/2005
I wonder why FLIR has decided to not allow their new software version to read the older AGEMA type image format from the 470?

I guess it's their way of forcing the client to upgrade their camera.

It's not like having Reporter 7 able to read the 470 format would have certain limitations of the software's ability. (like some software only working with say XP and not 95).

It's just an image format. Even Microsoft keeps the ability of their word processing software to be backwards file compatible all the way to their DOS format documents.

In my opinion, I think FLIR should make a downloadable version upgrade and include the ability to read their older type image formats.

Or better yet, make a freeware software that will enable all of FLIR/AGEMA/INFRAMETRICS digital radiometric image formats to convert and save as their new standard image format. This will enable FLIR to be able to standardize their image format on later Reporter versions, but still allowing older files to be converted to work with the new software versions.

Hey FLIR, it's not hard to do. Use the Free Image Explorer and include a "Save As FLIR JPEG" feature on it. (Have the feature be able to save single images as well as multiple images at once)

These are just my thoughts.


Sonny James

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