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Gudieline for infrared building envelope inspection Gary Ho 1/18/2004

I'm doin an infrared inspection for the building envelopes. However, I'm getting confuse to find out the spoilings. How many degree of temperature differences indicated a problem?

Are there any standards for follow?

Thank you so much for give me any advise.


re:Guidelines for infrared building envelope inspection Gary Orlove 1/19/2004
The temperature differentials can vary greatly depending on building construction, weather, and the nature of the faults or defects. Recognizing thermal patterns is the most important skill for most building inspections; and knowing when, where, and how to look. Here are some standards that can be used for frame buildings:

1. ASTM C-1060: Standard practice for Thermographic Inspection of insulation Installations in Envelope Cavities of Frame Buildings

2. ISO 6781 Thermal insulation, qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes, Infrared Method

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Gudieline for infrared building envelope inspection cliff 2/10/2004
Building envelopes inspection are based for the most part on Anomalies, Patterns, basicaly something that should not be there. Temperature difference will very depending on the inside interior temperature,exterior temperature, positive or negative building pressures, exterior reflection from surrounding buildings, humidity. current atmosphereconditions. Infrared for exterior building envelopes must be taken 2 hours or later after sunset. For cold wall as vehecle drive throughs at building entrances, framed walls around balconies where the only temperature influence you have is from the atmosphere, then your scan time has only a 2 hour time spread within 1 hour after sunset or you can follow the shade as it moves across the building. You must have a complete understanding as to how building are constructed. Check my building envelope company web site at
Re:Gudieline for infrared building envelope inspection thermoimagen 2/10/2004
Hi guys,
interesting post, is there a link where i can see some examples ???

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