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FLIR PM-675 for sale jimvw 7/19/2005
PM-675 camera (sn 1502 0017) with accessories including 3 batteries purchased new in June 2002, low hours, price: $23,950. Located in Ponca City, OK. If interested, please call Jim Van Wambeck at 214.668.0352 or 580.765.5515.
Re:FLIR PM-675 for sale IR Judy 3/8/2006
Hi --Is your Camera still for sale??? Just thought I would try my luck?! Hope ao - BR, Judy In Alaska
Re:FLIR PM-675 for sale ing. Annovi Gabriele 7/8/2006
Have you got into accessoires gas flame filter?
Thank you for your answer!
Best regards!

Gabriele Ing. Annovi

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