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Newbie seeking feedback ... Vancouver Geoffrey 7/19/2005
Hi all,

I live on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver. I have a history as a Property Manager and hate the current method of destructive leak detection used around this area. I can't understand why thermography has not made more inroads in the local market for building sciences. If anyone can provide some insight I would be grateful?

Currently, I am considering if my IR thermography business plan should target more mature service markets other than building inspections? I would prefer to pick a winning service market for my initial cold calls to drum up sales. If this means I should target a something other than my initial area of interest, building inspections, I would appreciate knowing before I finalise my business plan. Should I ramp-up for and target electrical, roofing or energy audits instead? What are the pros and cons?

Please help, thank you ... Geoffrey.
Re:Newbie seeking feedback ... Falcon 8/3/2005
Study the science behind what you are infrareding. If you want to do electrical you should know some practical electrical theory. If you want to do roofs, study roof construction.
Re:Newbie seeking feedback ... preferred 8/4/2005
the infrared market in vancouver is driven by enginners and they want quanitative facts and figures .When they use a scan it is to show them where to do destructive testing .I have been in this market for four years and the only engineers that will trust a scan have been trying and testing for that time .The operator of the camera must have documented qualifacations so that he can be called as an expert witness in court. practice in your field of expertise. clients dont just want a camera operator.
Thank you for the feedback ... Vancouver Geoffrey 8/7/2005
Dear Prefered and Falcon,

Thanks for the feedback.

I note that the ' engineers are still testing' the application of IRT in the Vancouver market for building sciences and that you indicate 4 years of experience. (ouch, talk about conservative adaption rate.) I get the sense that the English market for IRT services is much more mature? If IRT is accepted over there why not here?

Going forward, I will now anticipate a greater deal of market/business development resources as I continue to prepare my business plan. Should I skip the Buidling Sciences IRT market in favor of another more mature IRT service market? Which ones? Why?

I'm getting ready for the September ITC certification courses in Vancouver and would like to have a specific course (service market) selected based on the highest possibility of booking business thereafter and being successful. All your replies and feedback is very helpful to me in making my decision about which IRT service market to focus on initially.

Thank-you very much, Vancouver Geoffrey.


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