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Bypass valve kw 1/19/2004
Have anybody done some scan on bypass valve in a petrochemical environment? I have tried with E2 and the valve is without any insulation. I also tried with level and span but the result is not very encouraging. Please help tx
Re:Bypass valve ron lucier 1/21/2004
You failed to mention the pipe material. If the pipe is shiny stainless steel the low emissivity of that surface will make the inspection difficult.

Changing the temperature span & level is the correct technique to get the location of the leak. However, is the valve normally closed (assumed) or open? Simply measuring the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve can usually inicate the magnitude of the leakage on a normally closed valve. Bypass valves that are uninsulated should still estabblish a temperature difference even though the main valve (isolation? flow control? level?) has process fluid flowing through it.

I'd be happy to look at your images. Please e-mail them to me at:

Thanks for your post!
Re:Bypass valve thermaltom 2/4/2004
We have extensive experience with bypass
valves and reside in Texas. If you can
send me a j-peg of what you are trying to scan.
We may be able to offer some advice.
Certified level 3

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