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Lowest thermal camera hotstuff 8/5/2005
I work for nasa cryo lab and we are looking for a camera that will image down to around absolute ZERO... Any suggestions??

Re:Lowest thermal camera EPH 8/15/2005
To image at low temperatures you need a system in longer wavelenghts and with high Quantum Efficiency. A microbolometer based system won't have enough sensitivity. A QWIP system won't work either. However a LWIR Mercury Cadmium Telluride system can work quite well to real cold temperatures. I have data taken with an Electrophysics Jade LWIR system (7.7-9.5um) that measures temperature well below <150C. With an Electrophysics Jade VLWIR (7.7-11.0um) we estimate we can measure even lower. We will do some testing, coincidentally, at a government lab to see "how low we can go."

Chris Alicandro
Electrophysics Corp.

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