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3 Phase Reactor Troy 8/9/2005
If I suspect a problem with a 3 Phase reactor 600V max 50/60HZ 0.075mH 320 amps Ith=480A and my thermography reading is at 145f e=0.96 just looking at heat change what would be the next step? also should there be an even heat range across the reactor face?
Re:3 Phase Reactor IRJay 8/9/2005
Like motors, notice the inconsistent temperatures that could indicate winding insulation problems and back up with other tests. With reactors the current can be fairly constant at times so similar comparsions to the other phases will be a benefit too.
Re:3 Phase Reactor jvoitl 8/9/2005
The temperature across the 3 phases of a reactor should be about the same. The center phase could be slightly warmer due to the fact less of it is exposed to cool air for convection. If there is a difference between the phases make sure to check for a current imbalance, it could be caused by voltage imbalance or the motor going bad.

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