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Useful in the desert. IRamechtrician 8/10/2005
I am service member serving in Iraq and have found my unit's IR camera indespencible for troubleshooting our camp's electrical system.

I am diesel enginge mechanic, crosstrained as a high voltage electritian, with the 249th Engineer Battalion(Prime Power). I have a FLIR P60 and three hours of training. Everything I can do with the camera is self taught. I have been using the camera to show overloaded curcuits and transformers on the camp's 11kv system.

I have convinced some of my highers of the importance of IR survey and am trying to get some quotes on training, but I have received no responses. I would also like some feed back on taking pictures for providing the most accurate images I can.

Here is a picture of bus work, 240/416v 50hz, connected to a 400kva tansformer. You can see the ct's hot spots and the inner glowing of the circuit breaker. Let me know what I can do for a better picture, any help is appreciated.
Re:Useful in the desert. Manuel 8/10/2005
"I have a FLIR P60 and three hours of training. Everything I can do with the camera is self taught." ..

Great image.. just try to move little vit range and span in order to see clearly the hottest this will identify if it is a false contact or provlem inside transformer..

good luck..

Re:Useful in the desert. IRJay 8/10/2005
I did a class for the 249th at Fort Bragg in March of this year ... sorry you could not make it. You should contact Kelly Baldwin there and ask him for assistance. He has designed templates and guidleines for the Pm program for the 249th.

Re:Useful in the desert. IRamechtrician 8/13/2005
Thanks for the input. I will get in touch with him when I get back to home base. It is appreciated.

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