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Need help with High Voltage. dcnewt2 1/22/2004
I am fairly new to the IR industry and I am very comfortable with doing scans on commercial and industrial electrial installations. My company is starting to get inquiries about doing scans on High Voltage distribution systems and lines. High Voltage equipment and terminolgy are new to me, so I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. If anyone knows of good reference materials or has a good system in place for High Voltage, I would really appreciate some help.

David Newton
Re:Need help with High Voltage. Doctir bob 1/22/2004
The ITC courses discuss electrical applications, so that is a good place to start. You should definitely be accompanied by a qualified individual prior to entering a secure area such as a substation or switchyard. They will know the terminology. Another resource is electrical equipment manufacturers' websites. They often have useful information about their equipment and what it does. For example, here is a link that gives distribution equipment in a diagrammatic format:
Re:Need help with High Voltage. dcnewt2 1/22/2004
I forgot to mention that I am a licenced electrician, and I have been through ITC Level I and will be attending level II in March. Thanks for the web site- That is the kind of help I was looking for- and also maybe some samples of reports and/or pictures so that I can help our sales dept put together a presentation.

Thanks Again
Re:Need help with High Voltage. Brad 2/4/2004
I am also just starting an I/R program for our distribution system.I have found out that if you are looking at anything overhead, you will need a magnification lense and they are expensive. You also cannot use the camera in the sunlight. The sun heats up everything on poles. If your careful not to expose everthing to the sun in underground transformers you can I/R those pretty easy in the sun. One thing I found looking at U/G transformers is you need to watch arrestor elbows. I found some of these to be warmer than others and we also met with one certain elbow company and they told us that could be causing some of our blinks that we were having on our lines. If you have any tips please let me know.
Re:Need help with High Voltage. AME Mike 2/6/2004
I have developed the infrared thermograpy preventative maintenance program for our utility company, both in substations and for our distribution system. One of the most important things is knowing the equipment you are scanning. While there are many manufacturers and models of substation equipment, many are thermally similar. One of the best documents I have found is EPRI's “Lessons Learned from Substation Predictive Maintenance Project TC Project #7014”. This document contains, (among other sections on other predictive maintenance technologies), a section on thermography component identification that has a very good description of what many of the different types of substation equipment are, their function, and what normal and irregular heating patterns are expected to be observed. This type of information also develops the thermographer’s terminology and nomenclature so information can be conveyed to other substation personnel accurately. If you would like to contact me directly and discuss any topics specifically, I would be more than happy to help you out in any way I can. Good luck.
Re:Need help with High Voltage. jdemonte 2/7/2004
I agree with AME Mike, you need to know the component that you are looking at. How is it built? What is inside of it (ie: several hundred gallons of oil surrounding breaker contacts and operators)?

The sun is tricky, but the wind and outside temperatures can't be forgotten. Take a look at what the itc and EPRI have written on the subject, and learn the components that you need to scan.

Re:Need help with High Voltage. dcnewt2 2/9/2004
Thanks for the help guys-
One thing-I know how to contact joe, but how about you mike?

Re:Need help with High Voltage. AME Mike 2/16/2004

You can contact me at, (773) 838-42152 office, or (773)458-3432 cell. I look forward to speaking with you. Mike Kregg (AME Mike)
Re:Need help with High Voltage. JJ 2/19/2004
I have done infrared scans on High Voltage (Transmission/Distribution) equipment full time for the last seven years and will be happy to help with any questions you may have. You can e-mail me for my phone numbers. Good luck!

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