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ykwilly wrote (RE: IR in Commission of Buildings) 2020 8/30/2005
ykwilly, you wrote: We use IR to commission major new public buildings in the Northwest Territories, and have developed a protocol acceptable to the construction and design communities. I will be glad to send you information.

This obviously started a storm of request by other thermoagraphers that could use your help and expertise, me included.

I don't know if you have had a chance to share with anyone in the forum but could I suggest posting your protocol for open discussion.

This not only would be a great way for many to benefit from your experience but also to open a credited discussion on what works and why in different parts of the country as well as different types of buildings, etc, I suspect we all could learn from this. I personally done very little with contractors but would love to learn other ways I can offer my services to them.

I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Jose Colon
Sarasota FL
Re:ykwilly wrote (RE: IR in Commission of Buildings) Atlantic-Thermal 12/8/2005
yes ykwilly it would be great if you could post something or email

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