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High Temp & Low Pressure (Vacuum) seasonedtech 9/7/2005
Looking for a type of material that will allow a P65 to look at a silicon device (e.g.: wafer, etc) and measure temperatures -like a view port or window. Conditions will include 10 Torr pressures & 500C temperatures. Any recommendations? Thanks!!!
Re:High Temp & Low Pressure (Vacuum) Bob Berry 9/7/2005
There are many materials that could be used as window materials, the best resource for information I can find is

I think however you will find it very difficult to look at a silicone material as it is highly transmissive in the infrared, so much so that it is sometimes used as a lens material. Although with a longwave camera like the P65 you would in theory have limited success if you could filter out everything below about 10 microns.
Re:High Temp & Low Pressure (Vacuum) Gary Orlove 9/30/2005
Several years ago I measured silicon wafers being processed by plasma in a furnace. I used a germanium window with antireflective coatings. The transmission of the window was measured before and after every test as the plasma etched away the coatings and changed the transmission.

The silicon wafer was specially doped to have high emissivity and low transmission in the LW infrared.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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