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require knowledge of thermal camera thedandy 9/13/2005
Can any one tell me what are various parameters
to be taken into account for selecting a LWIR
camera for measuring high temperature.

Re:require knowledge of thermal camera Gary Orlove 9/30/2005
The basics are:

1. Spatial resolution - how many pixels make up the image and how many pixels is required for an accurate temperature measurement

2. Camera calibration - How is the camea calibrated? Is the camera calibrated for its own temperature changes?

3. Are there parameters to enter the transmision and temperature of external optical devices or windows?

4. Is there a provision for entering reflected apparerent temperature and are those temperature limits within the range for your temperature environment?

5. User interface - Is the camera easy and convenient to use?

6. Optics selection - Can the camera be fitted with various wide angle or telephoto optics as appropriate for your application?

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center


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