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Painting analysis artrecovery 9/16/2005
I live in Miami Florida. I need to find someone to assist me in infrared technology for paintings. I have several oil paintings that I need help with. I hit dead ends every where I go. Can anyone assist me?
Re:Painting analysis Austin Richards 9/19/2005
What do you want to examine on the paintings? Are you trying to see through the paint? If so, a near-infrared camera like the Thermacam Merlin NIR can do that on some types of paintings with the proper lighting and (in some cases) optical filtering. See attached image of a test panel prepared by an art conservationist at a leading art museum in LA. You can see through many colors of oil paint with light in the NIR portion of the spectrum - between 0.9 and 1.7 microns.
Re:Painting analysis artrecovery 9/19/2005
Yes, I'm trying to see through the paint. On two oil paintings. One is oil on board the other is oil on canvas. There are surface indications of an underlying image on both.
Re:Painting analysis Gary Orlove 9/30/2005
Here is a link to Merlin information, .

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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