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NEC detector range 3-14 um Sanjib 9/23/2005
NEC claims they have an infrared thermal imager that covers the wide spectral band 3-14 um. Does any body have any experience on this item? Whether any infrared detector covers such wide band including 5-7 um range, which is considered dead band in infrared science? Can any body throw some light on it? NEC claim this camera meets the reaquirement of heater tube inspection

Awaiting valuable guidance in this regard....

Re:NEC detector range 3-14 um john@FLIR 9/23/2005
"Claims" is the operative word. Frankly all we have seen is bait and switch. They talk about 3-12 but when they show up at customer sites they bring an 8-12 with a 10.6 filter. The 10.6 camera images are okay, but the measurement is no good and that's what witnessed with the NEC.

FLIR developed two FurnaceCAM models that work in the 3-5 micron range with a 3.9 filter. The P25F and P45F will be on soon. The images are phenomenal (color or b&W) and the measurement is rock solid!


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