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Saving Text Comments jimmyc 9/27/2005
I am having trouble accessing a text comment file. After it is saved I cannot get to it in either the camera or the computer file. Everytime I try to pull the file up on the computer, I get an error that says, the parameter is incorrect. I am using a model p65 camera. Can anyone help me?
Re:Saving Text Comments Jim Haney 9/27/2005

Please email me a copy of the text file and I will check it here. Somtimes special charactors can cause a proplem with the camera, and softwares ability to read them. To get the text file to embed in the image you must configure you camera to 'prompt for Text' under the setup, save options.

Jim Haney
Re:Saving Text Comments jimmyc 9/27/2005
To whom it may concern:
I have configured the camera to prompt for a text comment. Unfortunately the camera still defaults to the TextComment example file. This file appears to be the default text comment file. How does one cahnge the default file?

Re:Saving Text Comments Jim Haney 9/27/2005

Can you attach the file itself and email that to me? I don’t want to recreate it here and possibly miss a step that may be causing you problems. Also you can only have one text comment file in the directory you are saving images to. If there was a default file on the camera delete it and use yours. If you have sub directories in the images folder then you must have a text comment file in that directory or it will use the last one entered. If you are talking about the report you must set up your template to have the exact same Labels as the .tcf file you will use in the camera

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