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E-4 (video)? Troy 10/6/2005
Is it possable to connect a hand held video camera
to the E4 to record a live scan?
Re:E-4 (video)? Bob Berry 10/6/2005
It should have a standard RCA composite video output. You can record from this to a video if it has a composite video input.
Re:E-4 (video)? what? 10/6/2005
Yes it is possible. As Bob says, there should be a composite video out on your camera. I have rigged up a hard drive based recorder that incorporates voice annotation. This set-up cost about $250, and customers love it. If they want to pay for a copy, I can quickly upload the video from the recorder to their computer via USB. It only takes a couple of minutes to move a one hour video vs. real-time (1 hour) for tape over firewire.
Re:E-4 (video)? Dusty 12/2/2005

Can you list the make & part #'s of the recording equipment?

Re:E-4 (video)? Gary Orlove 12/2/2005
Try Achos DVR's. We use them with the FLIR GasFindIR system and they work very well.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:E-4 (video)? Dusty 12/2/2005
As a matter of fact, I looked at an Archos AV420 this afternoon. I like their feature of battery swapping rather than recharging a built-in battery.

I have a Thermacam PM695 and want to record continuous video. Explaining to the sales guy what I want to do and showing him the Video Out cable from the camera, he said it would not be possible to record directly from the camera to the DVR. I’m sure he is incorrect in his belief, but I have not been able to fool with a DVR to find out for myself and I’m not going to buy one unless I know it will work.

I guess my main concern is the interface cabling. Will the 695 and Archos cabling interface directly or will I need to build/find an interface cable adapter?
Re:E-4 (video)? Gary Orlove 12/5/2005
With your ThermaCAM cable and the Archos in hand, visit your local Radio Shack and get whatever adapters you need. Should take only a few minutes in the store.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:E-4 (video)? what? 12/20/2005
The DVR is an RCA Lyra that I found online for $200. The wireless mic was a generic, Chinese made unit that cost less than $10 - works great. The composite video cable that you see in the photo is actually a guitar cable to which I soldered RCA plugs on the ends. The "wire bag" is an old camera case, and I stuff excess cable along with the mic receiver inside.

The biggest problem with the Lyra is the battery: not only is its life short (1hour of recording), but it is not possible to switch it for a fresh one. It does come with a DC charger to use in the car, but that doesn't help when you're trying to work. I don't use a lot of video, but when I do, I plan my shots to get as much coverage as possible before the battery dies.
So do you synch the audio to the video in real time? Scott Willits 12/20/2005
By that I mean, does the recording device accept both inputs simultaneously so you don't have to fool around with sychronization later?

I've always used a standard 8mm Sony HandiCam to record video when I need it - works like a charm and I can dump it to CD using a cheap Dazzle interface. But I've never figured out an easy way to add audio to the stream without getting into a time consuming editing process.
Re:So do you synch the audio to the video in real time? what? 12/24/2005
Yes. The audio is real-time. The pigtail connector is hidden in the wire bag, but it has composite video-in, and L & R audio inputs. They are consolidated into a small (proprietary?) 1/8" mini-plug that jacks into the recorder.

You might be able to do the same thing with your Handicam by plugging in an external mic, but I'm not familiar with your camera.

Syncing audio to an existing video clip can be difficult, but you may try narrating/ recording while you watch your clip in real time, then adding the audio track to your movie. I use Sony Vegas Studio for movie editing. I find it renders very quickly, and is versatile enough for my purposes. This program is about $80.
Re:E-4 (video)? refresh 1/10/2006
Hey Guys,
I've been using a very similar set-up and it works great. I haven't been able to get good audio yet, but I think the lapel mic from radio shack just wasn't powerful enough or something. Battery life on the lyra is a bit of an issue, but I just ordered an external pack from and am hoping it will solve that problem. I've mounted the whole shebang onto an aluminum flatbar and can screw it into the tripod mount. This lets me monitor the recording, pause it, etc. The input jack on the lyra is a little touchy and can make for some startling interuptions. Also, be very careful with the selector buttons on the lyra, they have a tendency to break off. I find double-speeding through the video (using VLC -- to be very helpful when remembering where certain shots were taken.
My 2cents,

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