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Diesel Exhaust Manifold Temps. Edd Hindmarsh 10/8/2005
A friend who operates a small fleet of diesel engine trucks told me that his trucks should get approx. 2.4km per litre and when they deteriorate to 1.4km per litre they are taken off the road for repairs.
The engine which I looked at was one of the poor performers with the exhaust manifold temperatures in degrees C of each cylinder of:
54 85 60 63 95 61, the last temp. was the cylinder closest to the front of the truck. I suspect a problem but I am electrical, and my friend knows nothing about this technology. Has anyone any advice or suggestions
Re:Diesel Exhaust Manifold Temps. JKEngineer 10/8/2005
That seems like a pretty large variation in temperature and also seems to be pretty low values, but I am guessing.

You might also look at the fuel injectors. A clogged injector will run hot, since less fuel is going through it. The fuel cools the injector.

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Re:Diesel Exhaust Manifold Temps. jdemonte 10/11/2005
The variance in temps could indicate fueling issues as was mentioned in the post before mine. However, be very careful that those variances weren't caused by the manifolds being unevenly cooled due to their placement. For instance: do some of the primary manifold tubes get cooled more effectively than others due to fan locations or better environmental effects? All questions you MUST keep in mind when doing this type of work. I have a few papers dedicated to header and manifolds over the last few years if you want. e-mail me at and I can send them to you.
Re:Diesel Exhaust Manifold Temps. gunay 10/11/2005
Hi to everybody.
I think this is not related in manifold. I think this is mechanical or adjustment problem. Because,during working manifolt temperatures are about 600-700 C.
I work in RENAULT TURKEY. I measure the manifolt temperatures in all kinds of engines in our engin test department.These temperatures are too low.

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