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have agema 550 for sale miamicowboy 10/15/2005
I have a agema 550 for sale with carry case, 4 batteries, original manual, cgarger for house and car, and a seperate panasonic video/still camera for document storage. holds hundreds of pictures, and many 15 second video files.

will send pics, if you are interested. price is open to best offer by halloween. for more info
Re:have agema 550 for sale adrian 10/20/2005
I want to buy your agema 550 camera.
But I do not know price in this market,and when you bought the camera.
Can you paste any pictures of the camera and acccessories ?
Give me a buttom price of your mind.
My email is
Thank you.

Re:have agema 550 for sale ing. Annovi Gabriele 7/8/2006
I'm interested inyour camera but if you can post me some photos of your infrared camera to evaluate the genera conditions of your camera.
Have you gase flame filter too?
Please reply to or
Best regards!

Gabriele Ing. Annovi

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