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Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Wade 10/19/2005
Anyone ever heard of damaging an Infrared Camera while subjecting it to a high magnetic field area. Location would be a plant where they bring in 3 phase AC power, and then convert it to DC for their process. Personal are subjected to this field when standing near the very large rectifier banks.

Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area IRJay 10/19/2005
I have used Pm570 up to P60 in large DC convertor atmosphere along with ac and dc drive rooms with absolutely no problem. The cameras are shielded internally as is other electronic instruments you may use in these areas so you should not have a problem.
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Hal 10/20/2005
A number of years ago as a Plant Metallurgical Engineer I tested and then purchased an Agema IR camera to conduct daily infrared inspections in a zinc electrolytic cell-house. The magnetic fields were quite strong on the cell-house floor and around the AC/DC electrical components. The standard eyepiece display, which is still used on most IR cameras, would distort. To solve this problem a 4" color LCD display was need to view in this enviorment.
Good Luck
Hal Smith
C&I Inspections
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area jimmyc 10/25/2005
I work in an area with strong magnetic fields as well. I have noticed that occasionally I have trouble connecting with the bluetooth comment feature. It has been suggested that the magnetic fields may have some bearing on this. Personally I feel that the antenna was at fault. Anyone have similiar difficulties associated with a high magnetic field and bluetooth technology
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Pete 11/8/2005
We have used our camera to check our main generator(25kv)flex link compartment cover bolts for circulating currents. The magnetic field does distort the image. The images have the same appearance as the wood grain pattern on plywood. Athough the image is distorted the magnetic field does not seem to have an effect on the camera's operation.
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Brian Plowes 11/8/2005
At Hillside Aluminium, we have been using our Inframetrics PM280E camera in areas of high intensity magnetic fields (generated by 300 -350kA currents used for our aluminium reduction process) since we bought it back in ±1997 with no ill effects. The only problem with the PM280E is that it uses a number of small magnetic switches with a large slider to change between various functions on the camera as well as magnetic switches to idntify what lenses and filters are installed on the camera. In areas nearest the main potroom busbars where the magnetic fields are most intense, these all get operated simultaneously, confusing the camera. Simply moving away restores everything and only a simply restart of the camera is necessary to carry on working. I have heard of some guys reporting seeing lines on images they have taken using cameras which do not use magnetic switches (this is due to the magnetic field interefering with the microbolometers in the detector, but have not heard of any terminal damage to cameras due to magnetic fields).
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area cece 11/9/2005
Hello, I had a little problems of high magnetic field in a control room, the images on the screen was with vertical lines, but the recorder images was without distorsion.
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Jim C. 11/10/2005
I have also used an IR camera in two aluminum reduction facilities 92 kA and 245kA. The camera used is a FLIR PM695. Once in a while I will experience a lock up, screen is all grainy, and that requires a restart of the camera. Other than that I have had brief “wood grain” patterns on the screen and pictures in the highest magnetic field areas. With the “wood grain” problem slight repositioning of the thermographer has generally cleared the problem allowing for clear pictures.
Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Pelle 11/10/2005
If you have problems with High EMI you might want to contact Magnetic Shield Corporation
They can offer consulting and solutions

Re:Using Camera in High Magnetic Field Area Hot Spot Larry 2/3/2006
I work for ComEd, the electric utility in Northern Illinois. We use P60's. I have noticed a distorted image in the view finder and in the saved image when near the neutral cables for the 40 Mva transformers. The distortion appears as two to three horizontal bands accross the screen. I have not verified this but I believe it might be interference from 180 HZ return currents.

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