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High ambient reflection? jimmyc 10/21/2005
I have an interesting problem. I have a large MCC.
Most of the panels have reversing starters. Naturally the starter coils are showing a high temperature. It is also showing some questionalbe temperatures on the motor leads and the feeder leads. My question is this. Are these temperatures normal due to the high temperature of the motor starter coils, or shuld we be worried about these temperatures?
Re:High ambient reflection? DavidJohn 10/21/2005
JimmyC:Your relay coil will always be warm if it's energized. The overload heaters are always warm under load. You might want to check if you have and even current load on all three phases. the C phase looks warmer than the others. If the currents are even values, then you might want to replace the heaters. The heater pots, do break down in time.
Hope this helps
Re:High ambient reflection? jimmyc 10/25/2005
Thanks Dave:
I really appreciate the reply. You gave me some neded information. I had not thought about uneven current values. My primary concern was that I was getting a false reading on the motor leads due to reflected heat from the motor coil.
I believe you have answered that question in a very informative manner.
Re:High ambient reflection? Prashanta 10/27/2005
To check the temp. you have observed is real or due to reflection, you can examine a small thing.Place a cardboard or some insulating material between Relay coil & motor lead. So that reflection will be eleminated & then you can measure the temp. of motor leads, which will be real.

Re:High ambient reflection? jimmyc 10/29/2005
Thank you Prashatta:
Really excellent idea. Even more so because it is so obvious. I should have thought of it myself
Re:High ambient reflection? electricpete 11/11/2005
A lot of times you can determine reflection based on the fact that the temperature appears to change as you shoot the target from different positions.

Cardboard is a great idea, as long as you give due consideration to electrical safety.
Re:High ambient reflection? jimmyc 11/14/2005
Thanks Pete:
SAfety is a definite consideration.

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