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Agema IRWIN termo 10/25/2005
I need information about how irwin asign each level of temperature to each level of gray.

Kind Regards
Re:Agema IRWIN Manuel 10/25/2005
may i ask why you need this info?

Re:Agema IRWIN termo 10/25/2005
Yes, Because I have to work with thermographic images in matlab, to give some descriptors about the condition of failure of PTs in electrical information, and if you have that information I'll appreciate your colaboration.

Kindest Regards
Re:Agema IRWIN Jim Haney 10/26/2005
We offer ThemaCAM Researcher software that will export to Matlab format. Please contact FLIR sales for pricing and availabilty
Re:Agema IRWIN termo 10/26/2005
But I need to do it using only matlab, it's for academics purposes

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