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IR site windows - HELP! Sparky87 8/19/2003
I have an Agema 550 camera with a 20 Degree lens. I am interested in installing site windows in some of our 13.8 KV gear to do infrared scanning of that equipment. Where do I look and what do I need. Any experienced replies would be appreciated.

08/21/2003 HawkIR 8/29/2003
The Hawk IR Sightglass is the only product on the market to offer the following:-

1. The largest range of IR Sightglasses in the world.

2. Specific types for Low Voltage and High Voltage applications.

3. Operating temperatures of up to 250degC.

4. UL approved for factory installation into new equipment.

5. UL approved for FIELD installation (retro-fit).

6. SIRA certified IP65 at all times.

7. Compliant to latest Low Smoke & Fume guidelines.

8. Compliant to semi-conductor clean room requirements.

9. A single product that will operate with BOTH LW & SW cameras.

10.  Unique ID system that can be incorporated into your CBM routine.

11. Double locking front cover.

12. Triple layered sealing system.


14. Distribution via FLIR Systems Inc.

If you require any further information or clarification, then please visit our website, or contact us directly at

We look forward to speaking with you further.

Best regards,

Tony Holliday
International Sales Manager
Hawk IR International Ltd.
H.VIR inspection windows Frode 12/15/2003

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