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IR on Diesel Power Plants abayomi 7/9/2002
I am currently responsible for IR on all aspects of diesel and gas turbine power plants here in Bermuda. In particular, I am looking for
input from anyone with experience with IR on the exhaust pipes on large diesel engines. They have internal lagging around the exhaust and a thin metal outer covering on the lagging. I am picking up significant hot spots but there is resistance from maintenance staff as to the relevance of the thermal patterns. Any experience out there?
Hotspots on engine exhaust covers David 12/8/2003
One of the first times I looked through my IR camera was to see if I could find where we had exhaust gas leaks on the three large diesel engines in our plant. The hotspots stood out like the proverbials and coincided nicely with the 'leaky' exhaust bellows inside the trunking. If you've got this problem you'll probably smell it as well!
Re:IR on Diesel Power Plants Manuel 1/19/2005

i never seen machinery like this thru infrared,
could you please post some images?..

roberto cruz

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