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DensGlass Bald Eagle 10/28/2005
I have a client that has densglass installed as part of the exterior membrane installation. Anyone have experience with this on moisture intrusion that they could share. The problem is that moisture is coming in during wind driven rain only and the investigation contractor wants to prevent just opening walls if possible.
Re:DensGlass Bald Eagle 3/7/2006
Well here it is March and we are finally getting to the site sometime over the next few weeks. I still am interested in hearing from anyone who has worked with Densglass with a One Coat Stucco coating. The contractor is using my camera to verify that the repairs have worked. We are considering imagery from both the exterior side and interior sides. It's the Densglass that I am curious about whether or not it will have any effect on the thermal readings.
Re:DensGlass Conrad 3/8/2006
dense glass is pretty much same as drywall... should'nt be a problem
Re:DensGlass StecGuy 3/10/2006
Dens-Glass is advertised as being a moisture resistant board, because of this, you are not looking for saturated areas, rather for intrusion locations and patterns probably following board joints. I can be corrected, but would this scan be more well off being done in the morning as the wall is just starting to heat from the day, and looking for the inversion factor of the moisture showing as still cold since it should take longer to heat?

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