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Sequence files to AVI files GerryD. 10/31/2005
When using the MtxAviWizard.exe software in the Thermacam Reporter 7 package, to transfer a sequence file to an avi file, the radiometric images in the burst recording having been set in the camera (P65) to degrees C. they show up in both the seq program and avi file as degrees F. My question is ...... Can the units of measurement be changed to Celsius ??
Re:Sequence files to AVI files jgagnon 10/31/2005
Start Microsoft Word and select "ThermaCAM > Units" from the menus. Choose the units that you want and place a check mark next to "Keep current units as default". Now click "ThermaCAM > ThermaCAM AVI Creator" to convert your SEQ. It should use the default units from Reporter for the AVI.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Technical Support
Re:Sequence files to AVI files GerryD. 10/31/2005
Thanks for the help Jason.
It works fine !

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