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PCMCIA Cards Andyred 11/2/2005
We have an Agema 550 and have recently bought a new compact flash card and PCMCIA adapter. This will not work in the camera. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone reccommend a flash card that is known to work?

Re:PCMCIA Cards IRJay 11/2/2005
I would try the SanDisk or Kingston. I have seen each of these work. Keep the memory size down too. Do not use the 512 m or 1 gig type.
Re:PCMCIA Cards MAG 11/2/2005
I currently use the Agema 550 & had the same problem. The flash card that is compatible to my camera is Digital Media from SimpleTech(128MB)/ Kodak Digital Science Picture Card Adaptor(PCMCIA ATA Compatible).
Re:PCMCIA Cards jgagnon 11/2/2005
CompactFlash with an adapter should work, I have had success with a SanDisk 256 MB card. Before using the card in the camera, however, you must format it on the PC to the FAT file system, not FAT32. You can do this in My Computer if you right-click on the PC Card drive (usually D: or E:) and select Format. Formatting will completely erase the card, so make sure there is nothing important on there before proceeding.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Technical Support
Re:PCMCIA Cards Andyred 11/8/2005
Thanks for your replies.
I bought 2 Kingston 256MB SD cards, 2 SanDisk 128MB compact flash cards and 4 PC card adaptors and all work fine.
One thing worth mentioning, the camera would not create a folder on an empty card. I had to create a folder on the cards via the PC. Once one folder had been created the camera would create others.

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