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Harmonics? jimmyc 11/7/2005
Could anyone tell me if the following photo is an example of a harmonics problem?
Re:Harmonics? jvoitl 11/7/2005
Looks like some bad connections but it's sure hard to tell from that image. Could you send a better one or maybe a visible light image?
Re:Harmonics? jimmyc 11/8/2005
Here is the visual. I apologize for the low quality. Can you make any suggestions as to how to improve the quality in very low temperature ranges. I have tried adjusting the contrast with little success.
Re:Harmonics? jvoitl 11/8/2005
Sure looks like bad connections now. The way the temp. decreases going away from the termination shows that the heating is localized. Probably loose or corroded. As for the image, you temp. span is about 9 degrees C. Try decreasing it from about 23 to 28 for a 5 degree span.
Re:Harmonics? jimmyc 11/14/2005
Thanks just what I needed

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