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Paranormal pics Pdog 11/8/2005
Has anyone taken pics of orbs of light that digital cameras sometimes capture?
Ive seen orbs in pics mostly in churches and Im wandering if anyone has tried using IR to capture.
Note the orbs in pic.Image is jpg.
Re:Paranormal pics Mark Offermann 2/27/2009
Eh, touchy subject seeing how paranormal events are subjective and the experience vary to person to person. Orbs of light taken by a regular digital camera can be caused by a variety of things such as dust on the lens or reflective light from water droplets can cause orbs to show up on a camera.

Also, if you do believe they are ghost, the theory is that they are made of ectoplasm and project no heat,so an IR shot would catch nothing *shrugs*
Re:Paranormal pics johnnyU 3/6/2009

have a look.

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