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Current to raise temperature cdman 11/10/2005
I am looking at the plug in connections on the batteries of the hilo's where I work. I have been finding lots of bad connections. I was wondering if there is an easy way to figuge out how much current it takes to raise the temperature of the wire. For the one I just took an image of the good, or at least better, connection is at 150F and the bad connection is at approx 230F. Thanks
Re:Current to raise temperature cdman 11/10/2005
Oh. I forgot the wire size is 2/0 and the battery is 36 volt.
Re:Current to raise temperature cdman 11/10/2005
Here is an image.
Re:Current to raise temperature JKEngineer 11/11/2005
ITC and Doctir Bob have published software that allows you to take a set of full view IR images of an object and calculate the heat being lost from it. After you do that, you can calculate the flow of current.

You (that is I) can also do a case specific heat transfer analysis of a system or component to determine the heat loss and power use.

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Re:Current to raise temperature electricpete 11/11/2005
If you have a hall effect clamp-on sensor, you can measure current directly and remove a helluva lot of guesswork.

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