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Img Format Parameters termo 11/14/2005

I want to know What image level value and image sens/span value used for? or a little explain about it and how affect the variation of this parameters in a thermographic image.

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Re:Img Format Parameters Top Gun 11/14/2005
In thermograms, image Level relates to the position of the image (up or down, warmer or colder) within a temperature range that the camera is using at time of image creation. It roughly relates to an aperture setting on an optical camera to get the best exposure under varying light intensity conditions.

In thermograms, image Span relates to the actual range of radiometric intensites recorded by the infrared camera at the time of image creation. It simply is the highest temperature, lowest temperature, and all readings in between these two endpoints, a line segment, if you will that represents all of the temperatures recorded in the thermogram. The span setting of the camera or computer can be larger or smaller than the range of the image itself. So if you have a camera span setting that is smaller than the image, you won't see the entire image "saturation". That is where the "autorange" and "autospan" functions on the camera or computer software will help you to optimize these two dimensions of infrared thermography quickly.

You could refer to your camera manual or reference books for more detailed and illustrated explanations.

Good Luck!
Top Gun

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