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Power Surge on Hub Port jimc 11/15/2005
When I turn my FLIR B2 on after connecting to the USB port I get a message that there has been a power surge on the hub port. After this occurs once, I get the same message even if the camera is turned off. I am unable to connect the camera to my PC and use it with the ThermaCAM QuickView software. Any suggestions?
Re:Power Surge on Hub Port Jim Haney 11/16/2005

First, make sure the camera is not pluged into the USB port via a USB hub, docking station, etc..

Next, try the camera on a different computer. If you still get the same message please contact FLIR systems customer suport 866-354-7911 (option 2)

Re:Power Surge on Hub Port jimc 11/17/2005
We found the problem. A pin in the cable was bent over and was touching another of the five remaining pins. After straightening the pin the connection is working correctly. Thanks for your response.

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