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under ground Oly 11/17/2005
I was asked to help out with a project my company is working on. It involves locateing anti tank mines. We have an idea on how to start but I could use all the input I can get.
..Thank you.
Re:under ground Mission Thermal IR Inc. 1/14/2006
Just some questions:

Do you have an IR camera?
How deep do you estimate the mines to be?
Are you working in desert type environment?

Re:under ground JKEngineer 1/14/2006
There has been a fair amount of work done in the area of buried mine detection around the world. Some of it has been reported in professional proceedings. As I recall, it has been a mixed bag as far as results. However, I think most of it has been for anti-personnel mines, not anti-tank mines. I expect that anti-tank mines are larger and have more metal.

One approach to the project is to model the behavior of the system (mine, dirt/soil, environment) in terms of its behavior over time with exposure to natural variation in air temperature and solar loading. The model results will predict what might and might not work. Modeling would have more difficulty representing the natural variation of ground cover and type, so it would need to be followed with testing. Modeling would, however, greatly reduce the testing and costs by identifying what to test and under what conditions.

If you are still interested, contact me, and I will discuss providing the modeling to you.
Jack M. Kleinfeld, P.E.
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