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Insurance Conrad 11/17/2005
I am currently working for a GC and want to go on my own. I have work lined up, but need liability insurance first. The problem is no one want to provide coverage, so I need some help in finding and agent. If anyone has some info I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Conrad
Re:Insurance Gary Orlove 11/17/2005
Use our search feature under Quick Links at the lower left of your browser screen. Type "insurance" or "liability" as the search term. You should come up with about 46 messageboard threads discussing this subject.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Insurance Bald Eagle 11/20/2005
Conrad, this has been a real problem for me. I am currently of the belief that two thing exists. One the general insurance carrier haven't a clue what a thermographer does or how to cover them. Second is that for some reason, many don't want to share the information on who is writing the policies. If you should find a carrier that does understand the science and how to cover it, please share that with the masses.

Gary I went to the posts you mentioned and found my own posts with no answers. I hope you don't take my comments above as any type of an attack it's just one persons observations. I am part of another profession where sharing is King and encouraged whenever possible.
Re:Insurance dphillips 12/6/2005
I have been taking a Risk Management and Insurance Course at the local University. We Recently purchased the Flir B-2 Camera. We had a real problem with the Insurance as well. Despite what some "experts" tell you, The Insurance Industry just hasn't caught up with the technology. We ended up purchasing a General Liability Policy with 3M coverage, and added a Marine Policy to cover the camera. (The Marine Policy) is also used for contractor's Tools, and anything movable. Your best bet appears to be with and Independent Insurance company who has access to a wide variety of companies to draw from. If you need any further help, write me at, and I'll get you in touch with our agent.
Re:Insurance wildbill 12/7/2005

I started my business last January. I found an agent in my state that found an underwriter after much research. I maintain both General and Professional liability policies.

Please contact Jason Green at the address below and tell him I referred you.

Good luck,

Bill Galbraith
A-G Inspections, Inc.
Re:Insurance Juli 12/7/2005
For comprehensive insurance coverage, I recommend: Nathan Jensen, Paragon Risk Management, (813) 949-8636 -- -- he's very easy to work with.

He is independent and can get competitive quotes from numerous companies. He actually brought my rates down considerably for the second year.

You can say Infra-Detect recommended him.

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