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MOV Arrestor failure naferna 11/21/2005
Looking for anyone with experience scanning MOV arrestors (in spetial 245 KV). I would like to know how a failure i determinated in this kind of arrestor. Is it a hot spot or is it like a heat distribution through the whole block?

I really apprecite any help
Re:MOV Arrestor failure MAG 11/21/2005
Do you have I/R images from different angle of views?
Re:MOV Arrestor failure naferna 11/25/2005
Actually, I have some pictures (jpg) from a laboratory test, but is this the only way that a failure is showed? and what about when the arrestor is working in overvoltage condition? How can i differenciate a normal heating due to the current operation from a heating produced by a failure?
Re:MOV Arrestor failure TDLIR 11/25/2005
check out a 2004 post on this same subject.

You will also some some images of failed arrestors during operation.


Sonny James

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