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Emissivity Tables spot 12/1/2005
Does any one have Emissivity Tables for Insulators & powerline hardware. Am about to do some IR powerline fault detection & was after the emissivity values to use.My Power Grid operator can not supply this info.

Thanks G.
Re:Emissivity Tables ILugo 12/12/2005
What type of material are you using?
Re:Emissivity Tables Derrick 1/4/2006
What I generally do is obtain similar components of interest from either the scrap bin or the warehouse and perform your own emissivity tests.
For insulators depending if they are NCI or others actual temp. values are not all that supportive in determining priority ratings. For ceramic a close up visual will generally support some defects. For NCI it will be interally initiated and beyond that mechanical failure will take place.
Re:Emissivity Tables jimmyc 1/10/2006
what is NCI?
Re:Emissivity Tables micjk 1/10/2006
NCI non ceramic insulator
Re:Emissivity Tables Laland 1/11/2006
For testing insulators, try corona imager. You can have a better assessment on the condition of insulators.
Re:Emissivity Tables Derrick 1/21/2006
I have compared the Ir to the Corona in field assesments. I monitor 30,000 klms. of Transmission Circuits anually for the Provincial Utility.
Each application has its limitations (ie) one is not superior to the other when it comes to Insulator anomaly detection.
I made a presentation this year at the Inframation conference and touched on our Insulator detection reasearch.
The credits are at the end of the transcript for the team I worked with.

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