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Adding text Infos to the B2 Videe 12/6/2005
It would be useful to have the procedure for adding to the text descriptions found on the B2. I added several that are helpful but as I look back I find I do not have the method noted.

Can you ITC guys add show us that procedure?

Re:Adding text Infos to the B2 jgagnon 12/7/2005
Here are some instructions for creating and transferring a text file to the cameras. Let me know if you have any questions.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Technical Support

Re:Adding text Infos to the B2 Videe 12/7/2005
Thanks Jason and Happy Holidays to you.
How about information on the using Quickview to add new image descriptions to a B2?
Re:Adding text Infos to the B2 jgagnon 12/8/2005
You can add a text description to the images on the PC using Quickview. Just open a B2 image in Quickview and double-click on the word "Description" in the gray area below the image. To add an image description list to a B2 follow the PDF instructions to create the file in Notepad. Then copy it to the camera.

Re: changing text descriptions in the B2 using quickview Videe 12/11/2005
Finally found the info you provided for changing text comments/descriptions in QuickView software:

In My Computer copy text comments from software, open in notebook.
Make changes, save, connect camera, and copy back into Z (camera connection) reset camera to factory default.

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