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frostbite frostbitebuster 12/8/2005
I have been trying to using IR as a prospective tool early prognosis of the 'line of demarcation' between viable and nonviable tissue, so far my study is based on animal studies. Literature of this specific study hard to come by especially in my country India, Where cases of mountaineering frosttbite is ample. I would be delighted if someone could help me out......
Re:frostbite simonh 1/3/2006
Try the International Academy of Clinical Thermography
Re:frostbite simonh 1/3/2006
"Assessment of tissue viability by thermography after experimentally produced frostbite of the rabbit ear."

Re:frostbite Spectral Guy 1/4/2006
The National Research Council in Winnipeg, Canada has done extensive research on burns, skin transplants, oxygenation and other studies of skin using infrared and multispectral technologies. It's also pretty darn cold here, so they may have expertise in frost bite. I can put you in touch if you're interested in possible collaboration. Email me at:

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