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Bad insulators 2 jimmyc 12/15/2005
the light blue area on the bus is at 26.7 Degrees C. The insulator is around 31.2 degrees C. See previous for concerns. could the heating be coming from the cables behind the busses?
Re:Bad insulators 2 Manuel 12/15/2005
seems emisivity issue.

Re:Bad insulators 2 Bob Berry 12/16/2005
Looks like the bus is a bad emmitter and by nature also highly reflective. This means that it is emmiting very little of its own energy, but is reflecting the background which is more than likely colder than the bus. The insulators however are good emmiters and are emmiting their own energy fairly well. What this means in reality for you is that the bus and insulators are pretty close in temperature even though they may appear different in infrared. What you need to remember is that bad emmiters like the bus will never show their true temperature and we rely on things like the insulators to help us understand what is going on. If you look at your image again the area around the bolts are also showing up a little hotter. This is because of the cavity effect, again we can use cavity radiators to help us understand what is going on in situations like this.

In short you should not consider temperature readings on anything with an emmissivity less than 0.6 as being reliable and you need to remember that the cavity radiators and insulators will be closer to the true temperature of the bus.
Re:Bad insulators 2 jimmyc 12/30/2005
Thank you that was very informative

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