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ThermaCamPM395 Prashanta 12/25/2005
We are using a PM395 Thermography Camera. When we are switching it ON, it always shows Maintenance Suggested & some times it also shows Thermister failure. Even though batteries are fully charged. Afetr 10-15 minutes of running battery shows low.

Now we want to know what could be the problem.
Re:ThermaCamPM395 TDLIR 12/25/2005
Maintenance Suggested: This is an automatic message that appears after a year has passed since you last sent it to FLIR for calibration. It does not mean that there is something wrong with your camera.

Thermistor Failure: This is a message that simply telling you that your lens is not properly aligned. Simply twist your entire lens and you will see the message go. If your lens focus is very hard to turn, it may cause your lens to shift out of alignment again. This is nothing to be concerned about and happens to almost all PM390 cameras. Just twist the lens back into alignment so that the camera can recognize the lens.

With regards to your battery issue: The portable camcorder type batteries are known to show a low battery message very fast, but they may last sometime before they actually go dead. Nevertheless it is a pain in the neck to always be changing batteries every hour or so. That is why we use a Bescor battery belt that gives us about 6 hours continuous use.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Sonny James

Re:ThermaCamPM395 Laland 12/25/2005
Thank you very much Sonny. I also encountered that with an Infametrics PM290 and we have it calibrated. as to the thermistor, it was a good information, I dis also encountered that on the same unit before we have it calibrated. We have already replaced the old battery pack with a new one. I will also suggest using the belt battery.
Re:ThermaCamPM395 Manuel 12/27/2005
i use an inframetrics PM350 and happens exactly the same, the message of Maintennance required dissapears once camera is ready to do the job but now i learn that appears after year without service.

The batteries lasting problem really is an issue, at some circunstances is not a big deal to change batteries every hour, but when necesary have to replace batery quick before sensor 'heats' in order to have re-starting faster as possible.

i dont know if using grey pallets on viewfinder instead color reduces somehow the energy consuption and try to keep the camera on 'stand-by' mode on long walking distances ie. from one building to another.

would like to have more info on bateries you indicate.

Re:ThermaCamPM395 TDLIR 12/27/2005
For info on battery belts for these types of IR cameras, please look at a previous thread:

Best Regards,
Sonny James

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