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Operation in Highly Magnetic field PKS 2/4/2004
Is it affect the operation of the Thermovision camera, while working in highly magnetic field such as in DC high voltage area.
We are in doubt, If anybody can clarify, please?
We have AGEMA-550 camera.

Re:Operation in Highly Magnetic field Bernie Lyon 2/9/2004
I have used a different model camera in a very strong magnetic field. It was a rectifier room with very high DC currents. I had problems with lens recognition because the magnetic field was strong enough to trigger the hall effect switches in the camera. These are used to recognize different lenses on the camera. However, I was able to stand in certain spots where the camera operated ok. I believe that a 550 or 570 were tried without success. This was probably due to viewfinder problems
Television viewfinders are sensitive to strong magnetic fields. You may see distortion on these. If you can not see the image on the viewfinder, you will not be able to focus, capture images, or make temperature measurements. This does not necessarily mean that the entire camera is not functioning properly. The viewfinder is just a means of displaying the image. You might try approaching the area to see if any problems occur. You could also try to determine if there are any “sweet spots” where the camera works satisfactory. If you do encounter problems, you may try shielding the camera with mu metal.
Re:Operation in Highly Magnetic field Andrew 3/4/2004
If it is of any use, I have used a Th550 near busbars at 12000A in Sodium Works. No problems with the camera even when about 30cm from busbars.

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