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Isothermal Cavity jimmyc 1/10/2006
Does anyone out there know if a standard crimp lug
with crimped indentaions in it constitutes an isothermal cavity? I have a motor starter with
an apparent high temperature on the load side wire terminals. I crimped lugs on the t leads with a standard Thomas Betts sta-kon tool, (crimping pliers). The crimp indentations are showing pretty much the same temperature as what I believe to be the reflected temperature. The metal portion of the lug is showing the same as the ambient temperature. See the image attached.
The indentations are in the center of the lug directly below the metal portion of the lug.
Re:Isothermal Cavity Edd Hindmarsh 1/14/2006
This might sound a bit stupid and without a photograph maybe I'm not seeing properly, but if it is a contactor at the top of the image, the hot spots look like a thermal overload unit
Eddie Hindmarsh

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