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Pixelation Bald Eagle 1/14/2006
I had problems today with shooting stucco, two coat system. The picture was heavily pixelated but useable. I use an EX320 anyone experienced this or having suggestions on possible corrections to the settings or setup of the site would be greatly appreciated.
Re:Pixelation Raphael Danjoux 1/16/2006
From the image, I can see that you have choosen a non linear scale. It works by histogram equalization and the effect, in some cases, is that noise appears because it is over-represented in the color palette.
I strongly recommend that you use the linear scale instead.
Re:Pixelation Bald Eagle 1/21/2006
I want to be sure I understand the reply. I am realtively new, about a year into this, are you referencing the pallet? If so this was taken in a grey scale/white hot and I colorized for improvement of veiw.
Re:Pixelation Laland 1/29/2006
although I do not have much experience on building inspection, I suggest you try rainbow pallet and compare with the one you have presented.. When I found difficulty on evaluating images from an iron pallet, I switched to rainbow for cross checking.
Re:Pixelation what? 3/7/2006
I have the same camera and have seen the same problem. I have associated it with a low battery, but can't be certain if that is the case.
Re:Pixelation Gary Orlove 3/21/2006
I have taken the liberty of readjusting your image using a linear temperature scale with the same palette and end points you used.

Note that the "pixelation" is virtually gone. The image contains information from only a very small temperature span, 43.1 to 46.3 F.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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