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'T' REFLECTIVE jinxy 1/15/2006
Could anyone please tel me how I can get the correct 'T'reflective, some pannels that I test have a reflective material in them? A colleage of mine sais im doing it wrong.
Re:'T' REFLECTIVE Raphael Danjoux 1/16/2006
You aim at a piece of crinkled aluminum foil, placed close to the component you want to measure the temperature. (This might be difficult sometimes, I agree).
Select the "zone average" function.
Adjust the emissivity ot the zone to 1, and the distance to zero.
T Refl is equal to the value ofaverage temp in the zone.

Then, enter TRefl in the object parameter menu, set the correct emissivity of the component, and you'll get its correct temperature.
Re:'T' REFLECTIVE Pete 1/25/2006

Raphael was correct in one of the methods (and most popular method) used to determine T reflective. Correct me if I am reading more into your question than is really there. It appears to me than you want to take an image that has a lot of reflective materials in it. Even though you set the Tref. it will not allow you to take accurate measurements of a reflective surface. The Tref. is used to compensate for other temperature influences other than your intended target.

In order to take data on a reflective surface you need to increase the Emissivity of the material i.e. electrical tape, paint ect...

Re:'T' REFLECTIVE Prashanta 2/19/2006
I very much agree with Pete's solution.


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