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Reports gwebb 1/17/2006
I use ThermCam Reporter 2000 Pro December 2002 Edition How can I export a report to a microsoft word So I can e-mail to my boss
Yhanks Gary
Re:Reports Jim Haney 1/17/2006
Reporter 2000 isn't OLE compiant. You will have alot of trouble moving your data into Word the way you want it. You're better off downloading a free PDF writer like PrimoPDF ( and print your report to a PDF file. The PDF writer will show up as a printer so you can just select print and choose that as the printer. Another reason is security. Microsoft Word documents aren't very secure data can be changed a lot easier than a PDF file.

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Re:Reports JKEngineer 1/19/2006
I get the various version numbers mixed up, so this may not be correct, but: can't you use the report viewer software available free from FLIR?

Have your boss install it. It reads the report file format, but does not allow changes.

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Re:Reports Bob Berry 1/19/2006
You can download the software Jack described on it is freeware, and should work.
Re:Reports jvoitl 1/19/2006
Another advantage of the pdf files is that they cut the size of the report about 75% on your hard drive. After repairs are complete I delete the REP file and keep the PDF in my archives.
Re:Reports Keith 1/27/2006
We use Adobe pdf files for sending out our reports. I was interesteing the primopdf site and will look at this more. Adobe costs us dollars and we can not share and are required to have license for each site. Always good tohear that there are other options.


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